CSUnloadFontUnicodeRanges Function


Frees the memory previously allocated by a call to CSLoadFontUnicodeRanges.


VB/A 32bits

Private Declare Function CSUnloadFontUnicodeRanges Lib "consoul_010205_32.dll" ( _
  ByVal hWnd As Long _
) As Integer

VB/A 64bits

Private Declare PtrSafe Function CSUnloadFontUnicodeRanges Lib "consoul_010205_64.dll" ( _
  ByVal hWnd As LongPtr _
) As Long

Return Value

The return value returns 1 (one) if a previous buffer was allocated and has been freed, or 0 (zero) if hWnd is not a valid Consoul window handle, or no buffer was previously allocated.



The window handle (HWND) of the Consoul window, as returned by CSCreateLogWindow.


It is safe to call this method even without a matching previous call to CSLoadFontUnicodeRanges, or it the latter failed to allocate its memory buffer.

CSUnloadFontUnicodeRanges must be called after a successfull return from CSLoadFontUnicodeRanges, before the Consoul windows is destroyed, otherwise an unrecoverable memory leak in the host process happens.

Last updated: May 13 2022.