CSIsCaretVisible Function


Tests if the caret is shown/or hidden.


VB/A 32bits

Private Declare Function CSIsCaretVisible Lib "consoul_010205_32.dll" ( _
  ByVal hWnd As Long _
) As Integer

VB/A 64bits

Private Declare PtrSafe Function CSIsCaretVisible Lib "consoul_010205_64.dll" ( _
  ByVal hWnd As LongPtr _
) As Integer

Return Value

The return value is 0 (zero) if the caret is hidden, or 1 (one) if the caret is shown.



The window handle (HWND) of the Consoul window, as returned by CSCreateLogWindow.


Depending on the caret position, which can be changed with the Consoul CSSetCaretPos API function, although the function returns 1 (one), meaning that the caret is shown, it may still be invisible if it is located outside the visible lines/cols.

Last updated: May 13 2022.