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API Reference

At its heart, Consoul is a Windows dynamic library available in both 32 and 64 bits flavours.
The functions exposed by the library are documented in the API reference. Although the function signatures are presented in VB/A syntax, their translation to their counterparts in other languages (VB/A, C/C++, AutoIT scripts, Delphi, etc...) that can link to a dll can be easily inferred.

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While SDK (Software Development Kit) is at this time still a big word in regard to the content available, the plan is to grow the documentation, tutorials and samples to help you integrate the library in your applications.


Consoul libraries have already been integrated in production applications. These applications run 7/7 24h, since some years already.

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AsciiPaint is an Access application that was originally created to test the Consoul library in a real world application that can provide a large test surface, rapid small feature and changes testing and experimental features testing.

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Halloween demo

The halloween_demo application is another Access/VBA application that spawns and animates multiple "sprites" that are Consoul windows on which a pumpkin face is drawn with code generated by AsciiPaint. Among other things, it demonstrates one way to handle Consoul messages for multiple "Consoul* windows in one form, like it was an event procedure, with the help and the routing of messages the CConsoulEventDispatcher class takes care of.

More about halloween_demo


Put it simply, the Consoul libraries are free for non commercial use. So you can test, run and deploy in any scenario where you don't charge for your applications or services that integrate the libraries or code that is provided here.
Hopefully you'll have as much fun to experience with Consoul as I have building it, and then better catch the value it can add to your professional applications, faster than ever.

For commercial use, licensing is required on a per developer basis. So you must buy a license for each individual developer, whether you're working as an independent software developer or an employee.

Further explanation and details on Consoul licensing.

You can buy your licenses on this page.

Supporting the project

You're welcome to support the Consoul project if you like it. Just buy a license anytime, and drop me a PM on twitter (@unraveledbytes) so I can honor your participation the best I can with a shoutout there and, if you allow me, mark your kind gesture on a dedicated page I'll build on this website later.

Discussion & announcements

You can follow me and discuss on github and twitter @unraveledbytes.

Last updated: May 29 2022.