License explanations

Consoul redistributable files are consoul_XXYYZZ_32.dll and consoul_XXYYZZ_64.dll, where XX is a two digits version major number like 01, YY is a two digits version minor number like 02, and ZZ is a two digits version revision number like 05. The _32 and _64 suffixes in the name reference builds for Windows 32bits systems up from Windows 7, respectively 64bits builds up from Window 7. These are the Consoul DLLs.

All other downloadable material from this site, like documentation, source code (classes, modules, headers. etc...) are not to be redistributed, but - except for the documentation - can be freely integrated in your application sources and modified therein assuming you agree to the license terms and conditions.

License types

Free Use

As long as you don't charge anything for your applications or services around it, you can use and integrate the downloadable material in your application, and distribute your application and the Consoul DLLs freely. You nonetheless agree to the terms and conditions of this license. You also agree to buy a license before charging for your application or services.

Single Developer license

A "Single Developer License" applies to a major+minor version of the Consoul DLLs, you don't have to buy a new license for the revisions. This means that if you buy a license for the Consoul DLLs at version 01.02.05, all the following versions bearing a number 01.02.ZZ (where ZZ is any two digit revision number) are part of the license agreement and do not require paying a new license fee. Also, this basically means that one "Single Developer License", involves one developer.

No license key

There are no license keys for the Consoul DLLs. Although, for other downloadable material, there may be license keys and different licenses, in that case that will be specified.

No expiration

The license for a specific major+minor version and all its revisions is perpetual and does not expire.


For a "Single developer license":

  • There's no limitation on the number of computers or servers Consoul DLLs may be used and they are runtime royalty-free;
  • There's no limitation on the number of applications that can use the Consoul DLLs;
  • You can include the Consoul DLLs in your setup or deployment programs;
  • There's no volume licensing, only one license per developer;
  • You do not need to pay a license fee as long as you don't charge your end users for acquiring or using your applications integrating the Consoul DLLs ("Free Use" license);

The full text of the license can be found here.

Last updated: May 13 2022.